The Frank Moravcik Band is celebrating its 20th
year of playing Cleveland-Style Polkas in 2015!
Come out on out to one our performances
and help us celebrate.
Please check out our Band Schedule page for information on Frank Moravcik Band appearances as well as Magic Buttons Button Box Band performances. 
Musical entertainment is available for your event with pricing to fit your budget as a strolling or single, duo, trio, or 4-piece band to cover all your entertainment needs. If you are interested in booking the band, please call Frank to discuss pricing options at 216-509-1141
or Linda at 216-970-8459.     
Available locally or we will travel to your private parties or dances, weddings, Oktoberfests, church festivals, polka festivals, clubs, concerts in the park, polka tours, or any other reason you have for wanting some great polka and dance music for your event.
Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The Frank Moravcik Band was formed in 1995. The main emphasis of their music is on the "Cleveland Style" of polka music, however, they are known for their ability to perform a wide variety of different styles of polka music and popular dance tunes too.  Frank was highly influenced by America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic as he had an opportunity to perform with him at various venues.  Frank and the band have been honored by various organizations including the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.  Frank was honored as Musician of the Year by the Collinwood Slovenian Home in Cleveland, Ohio and the band was the recipient of the Best New/Young Band award from the Polka Hall of Fame.  Individually, Frank has been a recipient of the Musician of the Year Award and collectively, the band has received numerous nominations in the categories of Band of the Year and Album of the Year.
Over the years, Frank has hosted a number of polka bus tours and performed with the band on cruise ships and various tours.  His music has taken him to several venues besides Ohio including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington D.C. Internationally he has performed in Canada and the Netherlands.  Throughout his career, Frank has also hosted and produced several popular polka radio shows on various local stations as well as hosted polka streamcasts on the Internet.
With the full complement, the instrumentation in the band consists of Frank on the piano accordion and keyboard, along with banjo/guitar, drums, and second accordion/keyboard. For the solo performances electronic drums are used to complete the sound.
Looking forward to seeing you at our
next playing engagement. 
Call Frank at 216-509-1141
Linda Hochevar (from Magic Buttons Band) pleys the diatonic button accordion at most performances with the band.
Magic Buttons Band
If you enjoy the sounds of button accordion music,
give Magic Buttons a call for
your event!
The original Magic Buttons band was formed on a polka bus trip to the Catskills back in March of 1995.  The group consisted of eight members with four playing the button accordions, Linda on the bass guitar, banjo/guitar, drums, and the late Sheila Salvato on the tambourine, maracas, and bells.  With that group, the band produced three albums,  hosted three polka cruises, hosted bus trips and played at various venues around the Northeast Ohio area and into Chicago, Florida, Michigan, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 
The band has evolved through the years and currently the band consists of 3-5 members depending on the venue.   Entertaining you on the button boxes are Linda Hochevar and John Antoniak (former member of the Cleveland Lake Erie Button Box Club) along with drums, bass, accordion and sax/clarinet being added as required. 
We would like to entertain you at your event.  We have performed for Concerts in the Park, Festivals, Weddings, Private Parties, Anniversaries, Polka Dances, Oktoberfests and many more venues.   We would love to entertain you.
Let us.....Bring a Little Bit of Magic to your event!
Looking forward to seeing you at our
next playing engagement. 
Call Linda at 216-970-8459
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Phone:  216-970-8459
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